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Elena Anikina
Photographer, Artist
I see the beauty in every woman and I can show it through photography. Age and body shape don't matter, because we're all beautiful - there's no exceptions.

I make sensual, stylish and minimalistic women portraits, sometimes with elements of nudity. It is always beautiful and elegant.

Book a photo shoot now by contacting me on Whatsapp (+8618686003637) or email ( You can also ask me any questions. See below for answers to frequently asked questions.

*Please note regarding communication: I'm learning French and Spanish, but don't speak it fluently yet. Currently I can talk to you in English and Russian.
How it works
date / time / place / references
in a 5star hotel, without any rushing
I'll choose and retouch the best photos
Getting Photos
within 3 days after photo shoot
Questions & Answers
The best luxury hotels.
How long?
Every shoot is different — some need more time, some less, but usually it’s around 2 or 3 hours.

What if I don't know how to pose and what to do during photo shooting?
It’s not a problem. I’ll manage the entire process to get the best result. You don’t need to think what to do, just relax and enjoy the process.
How to book?
Just contact me — by whatsapp +8618686003637, email or social networks.
It was easy and pleasant. I like that you manage all the process so I didn't need to think about anything, just had relaxed and got pleasure. Your compliments and advices helped me a lot . And of course I'm happy to get so beautiful photos! Thank you!
That day (means photo shooting) increase self-love, to me as I am. I never noticed that I have so many small dots on my body. I realized that I like it. I look so natural on these photos just as I am. I love to look at them again and again.
It was amazing magical experience — nice aware walking, yoga, meditations, dances — everything in one photo shooting!
Book a photo shoot
by WhatsApp or email
Photography is my passion. I like to do it in my own sensual, artistic way. I love to travel and meeting new people. I believe in power of female communities and feel so inspired and supported by them. I also practice yoga (Kundalini and Hatha), and use some yoga technics while shooting. If you have further questions regarding the photo shoot or myself, please feel free to contact me.
Elena Anikina
Photographer, Artist
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